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If you are like most of our clients, you're probably wondering

"How do I find an advisor I can trust?" 

Empowering smart financial decisions.


If you are looking for an advisor who listens more than she talks - then you've come to the right place. Together we'll identify and prioritize your financial goals, and with down-to-earth conversations, you will learn how to reach them. Rest assured, after working with us you will understand the entirety of your financial picture.


We partner with you to guide your financial decisions - working not only for you, but alongside you. Our approach to financial planning equips you for a future with less worry about the costs of everyday life. You will be secure in the knowledge that your plan has addressed your needs, your wants and your wishes.


There is nothing more empowering than security. Sound financial decisions are made at the crossroads of your financial assets and your financial mindset. Through our process of nurturing your financial well-being you will gain the knowledge you need to make sound financial decisions.  Knowing you can trust the decisions made for your financial future, is having financial peace of mind, today. 

Investment advisory services offered through Regal Investment Advisors, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Registrations with the SEC does not imply any level of skill or training. Adams & McReynolds Retirement Partners is independent of Regal Investment Advisors

Kent Adams is not licensed to provide investment advice or sell securities. Retirement solutions presented by Mr. Adams will be through the use of insurance products.

Your financial future deserves a partner. We have the

training, expertise and tools you need.

Wisdom, guidance and down-to-earth conversations.

You may be looking for reassurance, for a second opinion, or for someone to help you transition into a new phase of life. 

Some advisors just want to sell a product, regardless of your situation. Others talk over your head and never answer your questions in a way you understand. Still others tell you what to do without taking the time to understand who you are, or to explain the solutions they are suggesting. That's not us.

We know that you are looking for expertise.

Importantly, you are also seeking someone you can trust.

Laura McReynolds, J.D. Photo

Laura McReynolds, J.D.

Financial Advisor, Certified Estate Planner, Insurance Producer
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I’m a caregiver at heart.

My first experience as a business owner was in the home health industry, and those early experiences of caring for my clients' personal needs still define how I approach my work.  While my heart is focused on helping, nurturing and teaching, my training as both a lawyer and a financial advisor provide the tools to guide your financial health.

I believe that the second half of life requires a different approach to financial planning.  Licensed to offer both insurance and investment strategies, and experienced as a certified estate planner, I can help you think about the financial aspects of living the balance of your life and and the legal tools necessary to handle health and financial affairs as you age.  I enjoy coaching clients through the planning process by assisting in your financial assessment and creating a financial plan.  I'll work as your financial partner, helping you align your financial plan with meeting your retirement goals and wishes for your legacy. 

When not in the office or taping Act2 & You! I am a wife, mother, daughter, and church and community volunteer.  While my children are in the process of leaving the nest, my parents have come home to roost.  It is the cycle of life we all face, so in many ways my personal experience mirrors my professional advice. 

Kent Adams Photo

Kent Adams

Managing Partner, Insurance Producer
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After serving as Chief Operating Officer for a multi-million dollar manufacturer, then traveling the globe as a corporate consultant, I settled into the business of helping families protect their financial future.  I believe that middle Americans have worked hard and saved their money in order to  live comfortably for the balance of their non-working lives. I also believe they want to leave a legacy of generosity for those they love and causes they care about.  A financial services company based in the guarantees offered by insurance products seemed to me the ideal place for these conservative savers to meet.  Thus, I began exploring how to replace your paycheck with income from your retirement savings and how to protect your finances from the devastating impact that long term care expenses can be.  

For nearly two decades I've helped people reach a lifetime of income and comfortable living in their retirement years.  I'm still helping clients make educated financial decisions with a keen eye toward managing risks that could otherwise derail a sound financial plan. 

In addition to guiding your finances for the second half of life, for more than a decade I have also been imparting wisdom and guidance every Sunday morning at 8am on WGEM's News/Talk radio program called Act2 & YOU!  When I'm out of the office or not on the radio show, I can be found golfing, cooking or traveling.  Like many of you, these days my greatest joy is time spent with my grandchildren.

*Kent is not licensed to provide investment advice or sell securities. Retirement solutions presented by Kent will be through the use of insurance products.


Helping you nurture your wealth.


The thought of sharing your most personal information can be uncomfortable. With trust as the foundation of our advisory relationships, we do everything we can to put you at ease when sharing the financial and other important information we need to help you to define and reach your goals. 

Our careful and comprehensive review begins with listening. Our approach is to teach you, and guide you through your decision making process. You’ll have access to a full team of professionals. We'll be your partner in this endeavor, and through our independent industry relationships we will provide comprehensive financial planning, investment management and insurance-based solutions unique to your situation. From student to master, you'll become the expert of your own financial well being, and your financial future. 


Our idea of Investing is a process, not a product. We measure each client's unique set of circumstances from time horizon and risk tolerance to income needs and portfolio analysis. This means no product to push - no quotas to meet. Simply put, we find the right fit for you through a process you can understand.

We'll boil down the complexity of investing and explain how different solutions might work for you. We'll educate you on the rationale behind various investment strategies and together decide which approach best fits your particular need. When you well understand the logic of your approach to investing, decisions are no longer driven by chasing investment returns and 'staying the course' becomes the strategy that drives you. 

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While we can't predict what the future holds, we can be more prepared. You can protect your family from loss of income with disability and life insurance. You can protect your savings from the expense of chronic care with long term care insurance. And you can protect your budget from out of pocket health care costs with Medicare supplement insurance. Each risk is considered in the creation of your financial plan.

Insurance can also serve as a source of retirement income. A comprehensive plan should also consider insuring your money. Protecting from longevity and covering your essential expenses, annuities can be a financial tool to keep the fear of "running out" from becoming a distinct possibility. When you insure your health and your money, you guard against risks that could otherwise derail a sound financial plan.

Wealth is more than dollars and cents - it's financial well being.

Your financial health needs nurturing.  

Our planning process will work for you whether you're five years from retirement, looking to leave a legacy, transitioning into a new life as head of your own household or simply trying to get your financial "ducks" in a row.

Does it take time? Yes. 

Is it worth it? Absolutely.


When life brings you changes, helping you prioritize your goals is our first consideration. We'll discuss things not found on a balance sheet, like your aspirations, fears, health, resilience, longevity and appetite for risk.


Together we'll organize and analyze what can be counted: budgets, assets, obligations, savings, health insurance or Medicare and Social Security. You gather it, we'll sort and tally it, and together we'll create clarity from the chaos.


This is our favorite part. We'll share our tools and expertise. We'll teach you how these solutions can help create a financial plan that is tailored to your individual needs and goals.


Utilizing our proven planning process, we'll help you find a true and and reasonable balance between your financial goals and quality of life.


We'll guide you through the process of choosing the right path for your unique situation and help you implement your choices.


Then we review, because life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.

We have the expertise to guide your financial plans: Retirement income planning; investment strategies; legacy and estate planning; insurance and long term care analysis are all considered as part of a comprehensive financial plan.

Longevity is today's biggest risk. Let us help you make the last season of your life your most abundant.

Past generations have never had to consider a decades-long retirement. There is a big difference in planning to live to age 70 and planning to live to age 95. A longevity plan includes retirement income, managing the expense of health care, ensuring you and your loved ones are taken care of and establishing your wishes so they may be honored.

Our approach to retirement planning is more than an investment strategy. Working together we'll plan for a financial future with less financial worry.

You've been saving for the second half of life your entire career. Until now you haven't considered that financial decisions in retirement require a distribution plan. This is a complete change of mindset as you begin to replace your paycheck with retirement income. Now may be the time to put the tools in place to build assets, or may be the time to manage the distribution of your hard earned savings.

Profile your assets and organize life's important papers. You gather the data, we'll create clarity from the chaos. 

You can't reach your goals without knowing your starting point. Confidence in your financial plan requires a complete understanding of your current financial picture. Taking your understanding one step further and having the ability to share that information will ease your worry when the time comes that someone else needs to understand the details. This is peace of mind for you. It is also a gift to your loved ones who may otherwise have no idea where to begin. 

Investment advisory services offered through Regal Investment Advisors, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Registrations with the SEC does not imply any level of skill or training. Adams & McReynolds Retirement Partners is independent of Regal Investment Advisors

Kent Adams is not licensed to provide investment advice or sell securities. Retirement solutions presented by Mr. Adams will be through the use of insurance products.

If you have ever worried about your financial future,

We should talk.

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